the story


I am Alejandro Jaramillo Moreno, 24 years old, born and raised in The Hague.

My father once received a CD-ROM with an old demo version of Fruity Loops from a PC magazine. This led me to start experimenting with music production at the age of 11, mainly focusing on everything with a 'four-to-the-floor' beat.

As my interest in music grew, I began researching online a lot, especially on YouTube. This is how I came across the concept of DJing. It made me think during a school party (where a DJ was playing), "I want to be able to do this too." With the support of the party committee and fellow students, I got the chance to perform for the first time, at a school party. This went so well that I was asked to DJ at school parties more often afterward. I knew I had found my passion.

After high school, I continued experimenting with music production. Although it came in waves, I always kept it to myself. Occasionally, I would show something to friends, but I was never satisfied enough to publish it online. During this period, I also started DJing more often at house parties and noticed that I was getting better at DJing and understanding different music genres in general.

Towards the end of my studies in Media Technology in Rotterdam, I came in contact with 'Drum & Bass'. I immediately fell in love with the genre and tried to take it more seriously for a few years by exclusively producing and DJing 'Drum & Bass'. During this period, I got my first real bookings for events and gained more experience in playing for larger audiences.

The Coronavirus has caused disturbance for many, including myself. During this period, I put music aside and went through a difficult time due to personal circumstances that I had previously ignored or denied. At some point, I slowly started making music again and tried experimenting more with other genres. Eventually, I noticed that I was increasingly leaning towards everything surrounding 'House' and 'Techno'.

Over the past two years, I have taken both production and DJing more seriously and mainly kept it private. By not sharing it much with the outside world, I want to ensure that the qualities of 'APRUBT' remain consistent and emerge as a surprise in the scene. Although I understand that this could also be counterproductive, I have full confidence in the 'APRUBT' project.